Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work with a designer if I have only a limited budget?

Yes! A good designer can save you money in several ways. Working with Susan will allow you to avoid expensive mistakes in your purchases by knowing exactly what to buy and when. She can also create a phase plan which allows you to break your project down and purchase in stages, getting the highest impact and quality results for your money. Susan’s vast professional network will provide you with referrals to the best subcontractors and discount outlets, saving you time and money. Good design is timeless… you are investing not only for today, but for your future.

How can I maximize my first visit with Susan or another designer?

First, think about the goals you would like to accomplish and why. Magazine clippings of interiors that you like are helpful to the designer. A floor plan and an inventory with sizes and photos of your furniture or accessories that you’d like to keep saves the designer time, and you money.

If you’d like to work with Guest Interiors, please fill out the client profile on the Requests page of this website. The more you can tell your designer about your needs and lifestyle, the better service you will receive.

I love creating my own design, yet need a source for interesting fabrics, furniture, wallpaper, and accessories. Is that available from Guest Interiors?

Absolutely! Susan keeps an interesting selection of furniture and accessories in stock, and has many great catalogues. She has a shopping list for clients and searches the furniture and accessory markets for your special needs. Guest Interiors has an extensive library of fabrics, wallcoverings, rugs, and has access to all of the design showrooms. The retail venue at Alcoves in Charlotte is full of treasures including an exclusive line of hand-made pottery, gift items, and fine furnishings.

What are the benefits of working with an Interior Designer?

A qualified designer is trained in many areas including space planning, handicap accessibility, public safety, scale and proportion, art. Most designers attend markets, know the latest trends, and have access to many furnishings and fabric lines. Susan strives to make each project fun and unique. She strives to allow the client’s personality shine through the end result of each project.