Metallic Fabrics are Popular on the Runway and in Home Fashions

Hot Trend of Metallic Materials for Your Home or Wardrobe


Metallics are always popular for holiday decorations and fashions,  but these days,  they are everywhere!   Accent pillows and entire sofas look stunning in metallic textiles such as bronze, gold, and silver. Knobs and faucets in kitchens and baths are now in more varieties of metallic finishes. Wood and metal furniture is finished in silvers, gold, and mixtures of the two.

In clothing, accent studs in silver or gold add pizzazz to a basic garment with the same flair that nail heads adorn sofas and chairs. For the upcoming holidays, entire jackets and blouses will be popular in bronzes and golds. Even though these never entirely go out of style, they will be huge this year.  Enjoy this fun trend!

Guest Interior Design in Hickory, North Carolina

Metallic Romo wallpaper and Lazy Susan lamp mixes bronzes and golds in this foyer. 

Worth is on trend with their Winter 2015 collection

Worth is on trend with their Winter 2015 collection