When to Hire a Professional Interior Designer

I know many artsy people who seem to navigate effortlessly through the design world of color, texture, space planning, and furnishings. These gifted souls can visualize a room in their head and easily get their ideas across to the builder or remodeler.
Then there is the “visually challenged” individual who spends many agonizing hours going through furniture and hardware stores, magazines, and the internet. They are overwhelmed on making selections for a new home, office, or renovation project and are terrified of wasting time and, more importantly, money. How do you know when to hire a professional interior designer for your project? Here are some tips for knowing when to get help:
• You and your spouse have opposite ideas or styles and neither refuses to budge. If you are sharpening your kitchen knives with murderous thoughts, please hire a pro.
• You are involved with so many different activities and put off projects because your schedule is mind blowing.
• You don’t like the items that are in the stores and want a polished look as seen in the shelter magazines.
• You have made choices in the past that have not produced great results.
• You are color blind. You may not know this-if your friends and coworkers gasp when they look at your clothing, you may need assistance on your home or office.
• You like to dream about your space, but don’t quite know how to make it happen.
• The project is too large and over-whelming for you to keep your sanity.
• You just won the lottery and need help spending all that money. I know a great designer who has expensive taste who can help you with this dilemma.
• You want your home or office to rock!

A great interior designer will base the entire project around your taste, needs, and desires. They will celebrate your uniqueness and awesomeness. Certified professionals are required to have annual educational requirements that keep them up to date on changes in the design field. They search for the best sources and bang for your buck. If you are up front about the budget for your project, the designer will try to get the very best solution that you can afford.
Save your money and do it yourself if you are comfortable with your design abilities. If not, go to asid.org and find a qualified designer near you. You may need to visit websites and interview several designers before you find the right one to fit your needs.